Monday, February 19, 2007

Conviction and family time

Danny is home today for President's Day. We canceled playgroup (which was supposed to be at our house) at the last minute so that we could have our first day without any plans in an age! We also were/are in need of some family time after a busy week of wedding events. Joey provided the evidence of the need as we drove to our second birthday party yesterday and he exclaimed! "We go Ben's party! Daddy go! Mama go! Abby go! Jojo go!" It was exciting to see his joy at us going somewhere all together. We've had a lovely morning so far with bubble blowing and swinging outside and Mom and Dad got TWO! CUPS! OF! COFFEE!!! WITH! WHIPPED! CREAM!!! truly a delight in my world.

Our only plan for today is to go on a picnic at the park at lunchtime. I'd like to go for a run but that involves changing clothes and will make the shower and hair doing I'd like to skip today inevitable, so we'll see if I get my run in. I WILL spend some time with the Lord today. Everyday Mommy linked to some incredible writings called Just Suppose and A Fitting Vessel. Perhaps I will be able to reflect more on them here later, but for now, my heart is longing for time with God. So, that is what I am off to do.


Rabbit said...

Thank you for the link! :)

Shereen said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a great day. It's so nice when we are able to spend time together like that as a family. Do you regularly run? I used to run 3 miles every other day, but then my beloved started a new job, and our schedule got out of whack. I really should try to get back into it.

devildogwife said...

That's wonderful that you made time for your family to be together. I love it when we get the opportunity to spend time just being together.