Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday, Monday, so good to me

Happy Monday! I sure love the beginning of the week. It feels like a fresh start and I love new beginnings! Is it any wonder I love my Lord whose mercies are new every morning? Today is playgroup, shopping for Jesse Tree making materials, Monday pickup, and some catch up on my Bible study.

We had a rough night with Abby. She doesn't like to sleep alone. Danny and I ended up taking turns on the couch with her last night. I woke up with a headache. I think the couch puts my spine out of alignment and gives me a headache. It's time for Danny and I to bite the tough love bullet and let her do some crying at night. She's ready to sleep, she just has learned that if she cries, we'll come rescue her!

Saturday was my 27th birthday! My family and friends gave me a lovely weekend-long celebration. On Saturday morning, my love went and bought me doughnuts (because calories don't count on your birthday!) and I took Joey to the library. It's rare for Joey and I to go somewhere alone, so it was a special treat. We bought Safeway deli sandwiches for lunch and went and ate on the side of the road and cheered on bikers in El Tour de Tucson, a huge local event. It was SO fun to cheer on the riders. We got a nod or "thank you" from almost everyone we clapped and cheered for.

In the afternoon, we had a party for Danny, my dear friend Andrea, and me (all November birthdays) with a group of our friends we call "the crew." We played croquet at a park near our house and then came hone and had lasagna, bread, salad, pie and root beer floats! It was wonderful!

On Sunday morning, we had a nice time at church. I gave an introduction to an activity we are doing next week. (See previous post on Jesse Trees.) Our worship time was fun with a focus on Thankfulness. In the afternoon, we went to my parent's house and celebrated my birthday with my Mom and Dad, Aunt and cousin and Grandma. It was fun even with a testy two year old!

Speaking of two year olds, mine has disappeared, which probably means he just pooped. Lovely.

Update: Joey pooped and then came and asked to use the potty (successfully!) That's a good sign, right?

Have a great Monday!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Jesse Tree Information (For the ABF)

My dear ABF friends, here is your "homework" for next week.

  • Talk to your spouse and decide what you want your Jesse tree to look like. Remember it can be a small tree, a branch, posterboard, your regular Christmas tree, a wreath, whatever suits you! There are a few examples of Jesse trees in the link list below.
  • Please bring what you are going to use with you to ABF next week. For example, if you want to make your ornaments out of felt, please bring the felt and glue with you for our project day. I will make sure we have cardstock copies of what I used in ABF this week as well as crayons and markers, so if that is what you'd like to use to begin your tree, just bring yourself!
  • Remember, this year could just be a start for your tree. This is a tradition you can add on to easily year by year.

Links to more Jesse Tree information and ideas

Some books about Jesse Trees

See you next week for our project day!
:) Martha

Thursday, November 09, 2006

29 things I love about my hubby on his 29th birthday!

1. You love God first.
2. You love me and you've seen my worst.
3. You love our babies.
4. You cry at commercials.
5. You are a cuddler.

6. You do more than your share of housework.
7. You are a natural with kids.
8. You listen to me.
9. You're a peacemaker.
10. That little scar on your chin.

11. You fit in, are comfortable with, and love my family.
12. You pray with Joey.
13. You've stuck with the church you were raised in.
14. You have the patience of a saint.
15. You hold my hand during meetings.

16. You take care of those you love.
17. You ohh and aww over Joey's art.
18. You change poopy diapers.
19. You know how to grill.
20. You choose good friends with good wives.

21. You're willing to drive a paid for older car.
22. I relax in your arms.
23. You make coffee for me even though I'm the morning person.
24. You enjoy spending time at home.
25. Best. Dad. Ever.

26. You don't get irritated when I call you over just to look at our sleeping babies.
27. You asked.
28. You open the covers for me when I get into bed after nursing Abby.
29. You're my best friend.

I love you, honey! Happy birthday!