Thursday, November 09, 2006

29 things I love about my hubby on his 29th birthday!

1. You love God first.
2. You love me and you've seen my worst.
3. You love our babies.
4. You cry at commercials.
5. You are a cuddler.

6. You do more than your share of housework.
7. You are a natural with kids.
8. You listen to me.
9. You're a peacemaker.
10. That little scar on your chin.

11. You fit in, are comfortable with, and love my family.
12. You pray with Joey.
13. You've stuck with the church you were raised in.
14. You have the patience of a saint.
15. You hold my hand during meetings.

16. You take care of those you love.
17. You ohh and aww over Joey's art.
18. You change poopy diapers.
19. You know how to grill.
20. You choose good friends with good wives.

21. You're willing to drive a paid for older car.
22. I relax in your arms.
23. You make coffee for me even though I'm the morning person.
24. You enjoy spending time at home.
25. Best. Dad. Ever.

26. You don't get irritated when I call you over just to look at our sleeping babies.
27. You asked.
28. You open the covers for me when I get into bed after nursing Abby.
29. You're my best friend.

I love you, honey! Happy birthday!


Pat said...

What a wonderful love letter to a wonderful husband, father and son-in-law (and love). . .

Shereen said... sweet. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures. It's nice to finally put a face to the name. You're making me want to have another little girl. ;0) She's so precious. Well, they both are, it's just that she looked so tiny next to your beloved. Thanks for sharing.