Thursday, October 26, 2006

Adventures at Bible Study

Last night we had quite an eventful Bible study meeting. We celebrated completely finishing our first book in 3 or so years of meeting! I had carpooled with my dear friend Tina. The poor girl ended up leaving soon after we arrived due to debilitating pain in her ankle. Poor thing. Call your doctor, missy! In the meantime we'll keep praying.

We plowed through the study and enjoyed some good discussion although it was taking a LONG time to get through the questions. Our friend Sara needed to leave at 8:45 to get home and into bed because she needed to get up early. As she left, unbeknownst to her, a bird flew into the house! We were glad to realize it was a bird and not a bat, but we were all puzzled about how to remove the bird.

The next 15-20 minutes were spend shrieking, ducking, and flashing the lights on and off to encourage the bird to move toward the door. We waved a broom and pillows at it, clapped and yelled at it. We even giggled a LOT! It must have been quite a sight watching 4 grown women chase this bird. We thought about trying to capture the bird in a towel. We weren't brave enough to really follow through on that plan, though!

The poor bird spent his time inside trying to fly up and banging into the ceiling. My friend's ceiling was thoroughly dotted with feathers and had some blood smears at the end. The bird in his desperation to get to a safe place, must have cut his head.

The girls finally chased the bird outside and slammed the door shut when it looked like the bird might come back into the house. Whew! We all had more than a little adrenaline flowing at that point. We laughed and laughed in relief. My sweet friend and her husband and another friend were up until 2am cleaning the house!

It was an event we will never never forget and one I'm content to not relive. :)

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Shereen said...

lol I'm sorry, I had to laugh at what happened at the Bible Study. Wow, 3 years? Was it a big book? wow, it must have been really bad if it took them until 2 AM. Well, I am happy you all had a nice time, even though the bird crashed the Bible study. No pun intended. ;0)