Saturday, October 21, 2006

A REAL duct tape Bible

A post at Everyday Mommy about the marketing of a "duct tape Bible" reminded me of Danny's childhood Bible which is REAL duct tape Bible. We have pictures of Danny holding this Bible as a seven year old, and the edges are already ragged in the photo. Judging by the notes inside, I'd guess Danny carried this Bible through high school. I can think of a few times in our marriage when Danny grabbed this Bible to take to church. I wonder when he needed the duct tape to hold it together.
I can't say I'm against the marketing of a Bible with a duct tape cover. But, my prayer for my children is that they love the word of God enough to eventually need some duct tape to hold their Bible together.


Brenda said...

I couldn't agree more! (Followed your link from Everyday Mommy's)

Shereen said...

Oh, I love it. That is a real duct tape Bible, one that has really been loved and used immensely. ;0)