Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Homemade bread

On Saturday, my ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship, or Sunday School class) had a ladies get together and were given a bread baking lesson by my dear friend, Andrea. We had a wonderful time and the results were wonderful! I made one regular loaf of whole wheat bread and two small "tea sandwich" loaves with the excess dough. I used my Pampered Chef style bread tubes to make the tea sandwich style bread. Joey has LOVED this shaped bread and finished the second loaf today! I made a scalloped loaf, which Joey called "flower bread" and a heart shaped loaf. My pride is really in the regular sandwich loaf which I cut into today. It turned out beautifully! Baking bread is a great women's gathering activity because it allows for lots of chatting breaks while the bread rests.

This is Joey enjoying a "flower bread peanut butter sandwich" for breakfast (at his request.) He would eat peanut butter morning, noon, and night if given the option! The bread tubes make the bread an excellent size for toddler sandwiches. No crusts, either!

This is my loaf of regular sandwich bread. Beautiful, no? The decoration on the top is supposed to be a M heart D, but it didn't turn out very clearly. It's very delicious, though! Especially topped with some honey butter!

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