Thursday, October 05, 2006

Allowing regression

This morning I had two babies on my lap. Abby was nursing on the boppy pillow and Joey began acting out, throwing his cup across the room seeking my attention. I decided to try my experiment again, allowing Joey to regress for a few minutes and be Mama's baby who needs attention just like Abby. So, because I had a bottle sitting next to me (I had tried to get Abby to take it earlier and she refused.) I allowed Joey to lie on the boppy at at Abby's feet and I fed him the bottle. He was my baby again for a few minutes.

I worry a little that this technique will backfire and he won't want to be a big boy again, but I predict that he enjoys his "big boy" toys and food too much to stay in baby mode for long. So, I allow a few moments during the day for him to safely regress with Mama's guidance and permission. After he finished his bottle (yes, it had about 2 ounces of breast milk, no, it won't kill him) he balked at being burped like Abby and was ready to be a big boy again. Next time he wants to regress, I may put formula in the bottle. I think it will discourage him from actually drinking the bottle, but will allow the cuddling and attention from Mom he desires.

The other "guided regression" we did last week was swaddling and being held in my lap after Joey had watched me do the same for Abby before I put her down for her nap. That cuddling was very enjoyable for both of us!

I could be damaging my child forever, but I doubt it.

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