Monday, August 28, 2006

Missing Uncle

One of the first things Joey said to us this morning was "Uncle house today?" He is missing his Uncle Ian. "Uncle" had his first day of classes at NAU (Go Lumberjacks!) today.

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Shereen said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today, AND leaving a comment. lol ;0) I'm very happy that you feel inspired to try to tackle some of those little jobs you were waiting for your beloved to do. When my beloved has some free time to do those little jobs, I love that they are done sometimes, and he can use that time to play with the children or spend some time with me instead. YAY!! ;0) Please keep us updated on any jobs you are able to tackle. Thanks for the prayers as well. My beloved is on a plane now, on his way home. I need to get moving over here, I'm off to go make some mashed potatoes, his favorite. ;0) Once again, thanks for visiting, and it looks like you are off to a good start on your blog. p.s., the granny panty quote really made me laugh. Thanks.