Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mommy on a milk carton?

The three of us were napping this afternoon when I woke up and saw that the door to the linen closet was open. It took me a while to process, but I finally decided that I hadn't left it open so Joey must be up. I got up and confirmed that his door was open and quietly called him. I glanced into the laundry room and see him getting up from where he was curled up by the door out to the garage. He wasn't upset, but put his arms out for me to scoop him up. My heart melted as I figured out what had happened.

"Could you not find Mommy?"


"Did you think she was in the garage?"

"Yeah" And he snuggled into my shoulder.

I'm assuming that he quickly looked into the living room for me and missed that I was lying on the couch. This afternoon, I had brought him in from the car where he'd fallen asleep on his way home from church and put him into bed. He must not have been aware that time passed while he was sleeping and thought I was getting Abby out of the car still. I'm thankful he wasn't scared. I wish I could know how long he looked for me before he camped out at the back door. I'm also thankful for the Mommy radar that did wake me up. Thank you Lord!


bish said...

Poor lil' boy. :(

Shereen said...

Aww... that broke my heart. I feel so bad for him. Thankfully he didn't make it outside. Yes, that mommy instinct is wonderful. Well, I'm glad to hear that he's okay.