Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Great day and Jesse Tree Celebration!

It's December already! It was a great day. We are back to a normal schedule this week. I took the kids to school this morning (although Danny was sweet enough to help me get the kids ready.) It was a super productive morning. I got some VERY overdue books returned to the library, hit the grocery store twice, made a new jesse ornament (more on that later), had the car washed, made homemade butternut squash soup and took care of kids! It was a MAJOR victory for this girl who has been on the couch recovering from surgery for the past two months!

Tonight we started our advent celebration with the kids. It's a variation of a Jesse Tree which is a Christmas tradition explained best here. He's an excerpt from their website. Jesse Trees are all over the internet now, but this website is where I found the first and best information when I started researching this tradition a few years ago.

What is a Jesse Tree? It is a tree branch decorated with symbols representing the stories of people in Jesus' family tree. In Isaiah 11:1 we read, "A shoot shall come out from the stump of Jesse, and a branch shall grow out of his roots." Jesse was the father of David, Israel's greatest king. And it was from David's lineage that Jesus came. That's where the idea of using a Jesse Tree to celebrate Advent came from. Before a symbol is hung on the branch, a Bible passage or a story from a story Bible is read.

I've augmented our tradition a bit. I picked stories and ornaments to fit with our favorite children's Bible. The Children's Storybook Bible fits with the Jesse Tree tradition perfectly. Every story is written in a way that points to the promise of Jesus. It is absolutely beautiful. I'm making felt ornaments for us. 

This is our first ornament. It's supposed to be an open Bible. It's not my favorite and I'll redo it... someday! Tonight we told the kids, "The Bible tells us about peole who waited for Jesus to come.

This ornament represents creation.

This apple represents the fall of man to sin in the garden of Eden.

This is Noah's Ark, I LOVE it1

This is the tower of Babel. God knew people could never reach heaven on their own. They needed heaven to come down to them.

This ornament represents God's promise to Abraham that he would have descendents that outnumbered the stars in the sky. This is the ornament I made today. Cute, no?


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