Friday, December 08, 2006

Ahh... Friday!

Hello to my many readers! All two of you! (Hi Mom! Hi Danny!) :) I am so thankful today is Friday. It's been a good week, but I'm ready to have Danny home for the weekend!

I do have plenty to fill my day. I am still working on catching up laundry! It's too depressing to think how long it's been since I've been caught up. I made great strides this week, but with four people soiling laundry everyday, it just piles back up! I really really really want to see the empty bottom of my laundry baskets! I also need to figure out a new plan for Abby's laundry. We've had a basket by her changing table. It's super convenient when changing her, but her laundry tends to pile up while the rest of ours (which gets put in the baskets outside the laundry room) is much easier for me to get done. So, perhaps I'll just remove the basket and turn it into a hand wash basket in the laundry room.

I also need to peel potatoes and get them into the crockpot for some potato soup for tonight. We are going to a friend's house to prepare cookies and frosting for an ABF party tomorrow evening. So, dinner and laundry, that's all I'm going to try to get done today. If I get more done, hooray!!!

In kiddo news... Abby has learned to sit up on her own! If I can get blogger to cooperate, I'll attach some photos of the kids playing with their new Veggie Tales Nativity Set. Abby is so happy to be a part of the action while Joey is playing. It is amazing to watch her look at Joey in such awe. It's completely different than how she looks at us. She ADORES him! May I look to Christ like she looks to her big brother! We also have been letting her cry at night. It's so sad and she has quite the stamina for crying! But, this is what she's been looking like when we wake up in the morning (she's been sleeping late) and she doesn't look too traumatized!

I'm off.

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Shereen said...

Aww...they both look so adorable. It's so much fun when they first learn to sit unassisted. I love their posture when they first learn. Their little backs are always so straight. ;0) You are awakening those baby feelings in me. What are you doing to me? I already have 4!!