Monday, December 11, 2006

Happy Monday!

Good morning! I know I've said this before, but I LOVE the fresh start of a Monday morning. We have a busy morning today, so this will be brief. We'll head to playgroup just as soon as I finish drying my hair and brush my teeth. (Aren't you glad your computer doesn't have smell-o-vision?) We'll only be able to stay at playgroup for about an hour and then we'll head to the pediatrician's office for Abby's 6 month checkup. I'm eager to see what she weighs and learn her percentiles! I also am going to talk to the doctor about beginning solid foods and if baby cereal has any redeeming qualities or is just iron fortified empty calories as I suspect. If so, we'll begin with veggies. I have some different goals for feeding Abby than I did with Joey. I'd like to share more foods just off our plates rather than giving her lots of jarred baby food. My understanding is that she gets all her nutrition until she's one through breastmilk, so she doesn't need "meals" of the baby food. She just needs to practice eating skills. It makes sense to me to practice with "real food." This could turn into an entire new post.

Other things to fill my day... laundry! I know you were wondering if I got caught up! Yeah right! :) I also need to do an sweep through the house to pick up because our sweet cleaning lady comes tomorrow!

Opps! I didn't get this posted this morning before I left. Well, here it is. I'm going to pick up the east side of my house and then I'll post a Dr's visit update!

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