Monday, December 04, 2006


I just looked at my blog and I was bored! I need some color in a bad way! I am hoping to post soon about Moms for Modesty, advent, pictures of our Christmas decor... but first I need to get though my house chores! Perhaps I can ask my sweet husband for some redesign help this week.

What am I keeping busy with today?
picking up the master bedroom
cleaning the living room and kitchen
conquering the laundry pile (23 loads folded, ironed and put away)
meal planning
playgroup (although I'm on a roll cleaning, so I may ditch today)(ditched)
jesse tree preparations
keeping up with a busy boy and girl!

Whew! That should be enough! I'm also working on keeping the television OFF all day long! Even after the kids go to bed! Time to pop in some Christmas hymns, email the playgroup host, and work some more!

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