Friday, April 13, 2007

Egg on my face

I am so thankful for God protection this morning. I was making a simple egg yolk in the microwave for Abby this morning (she can't have highly allergenic egg whites yet) and had cooked the yolk in a small custard cup that has become standard for our microwave egg adventures. I was pretty sure the yolk was all cooked so I took it out of the microwave and, while holding the custard cup, proceeded to cut into the yolk with a fork to make sure it wasn't runny.

BAM! The yolk exploded. I screamed as I felt hot steam and yolk in my face and dropped the custard cup. I blinked a few times and realized that I didn't seem to have hot yolk in my eyes and my vision was just cloudy for a few seconds. Some yolk did land on my elbow and gave me a very minor burn. But, other than REALLY needing a shower, I'm unscathed. I am SO thankful God spared my eyes. I'm sure I could easily have done permanent damage to my vision.

If I'd been thinking clearly, I would have taken pictures of the egg on my face and in my hair (and all over my kitchen.) But, I was pretty shaken and still had a hungry daughter to feed! (I'll let you just wonder whether I picked the egg off my kitchen floor to feed her.)


Ian said...

if you put some liquids in the microwave they can actually get to much higher than their boiling point without turning into vapor- something about surface tension causes this, i think. once you break the surface when it's out of the microwave, BOOM! I'm glad you weren't hurt, it's not a fun science phenomenon when it happens to you.

i think you can avoid it by just microwaving on low... that'll get the egg cooked at a lower temp after a longer time, right?

Mike said...

The yolk exploded? Whoa. Scary, huh?